One should never judge a person by external appearances?

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People cannot choose they way they look. We are born with different types of weight, height, skin tone and all we need to do is to embrace them. Some people say ones should never judge a person by external appearances. I am convinced because I believe judging people through their look are unfair and shallow.

First of all, it is not a comtemplative menthod to judge people. For instance, my neighbor is a famous actor, who always generous and humorous. I remembered once he told me about his successful story on how hard it had been on the the every first roles that he was given. My neighbor is a tall and muscule person who has one long scar on his cheek. His look was intimidating so most of the time he handled the baddie. The viewers were so impressed that he said they once did not dare to look at him. His breakout point was when he received a role of a goffy guy, who went into trouble trying to find his bride before his 30s came. If it was not the role of a goffy guy, my neighbor would not prove his acting ability and audience would never know that he could play a naïve type of person or tell how talented he was and said:” Handsome is as handsome does”

Secondly, beauty is only skin deep and it is unfair to evaluate people before getting to know them. If we want to have acquaitances, it is all about meeting the eye, however, that is not how the story goes. When we want to establish a long-bonding relationship, we all base on their true-selves. For example, everyone wants a beautiful girl to be their girlfriend but her look is not the reason encourage you to pop the question. Back to my neighbor, with his outlook, everyone would afraid of him at first sight. If people around him kept that attitude, he probably would end up in seclusion.

To sum up, I strongly object ones who judge a person by only external appearances. It is uncomtemplative and biased. Having time to get to know the person, we will see there is more than meet the eyes.

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