One of the book I love, the Exodus

I was young then about 15 , I read this book in Burmese translation.

The Exodus

I learnt things from this book to an extent though I was young.

Exodus by American novelist Leon Uris is about the founding of the State of Israel. Published in 1958, it is based on the name of the 1947 immigration ship Exodus.

In 1956, Uris covered the Arab-Israeli fighting as a war correspondent. Two years later, Exodus was published by Doubleday. Exodus became an international publishing phenomenon, the biggest bestseller in the United States since Gone with the Wind. Uris had sold the film rights in advance.<< ( Wiki )

Reading maketh a full man.

Please read my title as > one of the books I love.

After the Exodus, me the young boy read

"Kane and Abel and "Roots.

Of course in Burmese version.
I rarely read love story, then.

I can’t get nothing out of love story. Just fantasy.
Too thick .

kind regards.

And I read " The carpetbaggers " My mother and father ( a complete socialist ) recommended me to read it. I found it as a " Dirty Book", but invaluable .

**The Carpetbaggers is the title of a 1961 bestselling novel by Harold Robbins, which was adapted into a 1964 film of the same title.

The term “carpetbagger” refers to an outsider relocating to exploit locals. It derives from post-bellum South usage, where it referred specifically to opportunistic Northerners who flocked to pillage the occupied southern states. At the time, bags made of carpet-weave cloth from northern mills were a ubiquitous form of hand-carried luggage. In Robbins’ novel, the exploited territory is the movie industry, and the newcomer is a wealthy heir to an industrial fortune who, like Howard Hughes, simultaneously pursued aviation and moviemaking avocations.The term “carpetbagger”

I learnt ‘something American’ in it. Even some Americans don’t know , I presume.

I was only 15 then. In this way I learnt part of my leaning of life. Part of diplomacy.

You can’t learn diplomacy by a three month diploma course. Sorry mate.

kind regards.