Once you've given me your ID

At a bank
Opening a bank account


Teller: This position is closed. If you want to open an account, you have to come to my position. Come along. Now, I will help you open an account properly in the proper manner.

Man: Now, why will you help me open a bank account?

Teller: Because that’s my Job. I’m an account executive.

Man: Account executive, wow!

Teller: Now, once you’ve given me your ID

Man: Oh, and I’ve got lots of ID.

Teller: Good for you! Once you’ve given me your ID and filled out a form, all you have to do is sign it and you’ll have an account with the Bank of the world.

Man: Sign a form, just like signing a check.

Teller: Yes. Oh, that reminds me. As soon as you’ve opened an account with us we give you a checkbook.

Once you’ve given me your ID and …

What does “Once” mean in this sentence?

Which is correct:

1- after
2- whenever
3- when
4- as soon as

Thank you


As soon as is great, the same way he uses it in the line below. The teller is enthusiastic about serving you quickly.
After is good, but loses some immediacy.
When could work, I suppose, but you’d lose all enthusiasm for moving ahead quickly.
Whenever is looking to some time in the future, perhaps if the customer has said “Not today.” It would require a reworked sentence. Something like “Whenever you decide to come back in and open an account…”.


Thank you so much, Arinker :rose:

Very nice.

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