'on page' vs. 'at page' ... 'on/in/of' the datasheet


please help answer below question.

  1. ‘on page’ or ‘at page’ ?

  2. should I use ‘of’ or ‘in’ or ‘on’ for below sentence

'please take a look at page (of/in/on) this datasheet

‘At page’ if you are indicating the entire text there; ‘on page’ if you are referencing a portion of that page.


Can you give an example of at and on page, please?

Thanks in advance,

Dear MM:

Refer to your explanation, is it right as following ?

  1. To listen to a sermon at church, the pastor often asks believers ‘take a look at Genesis, chapter 3 verse 3~5…it’s on page xx’
  2. ‘The chapter 2 is at page from xx ~ xx’

No, Lee-- both of your sentences would be more natural with ‘on’. Anyway, I am re-thinking my original advice. On is more usual in all cases, I imagine. My original assessment was based on such as:

I stopped reading at page 217. (The speaker is thinking only of the page itself, not of a point on the page)

I stopped reading on page 217. (The speaker is thinking of the page and a specific, though unmentioned, point on that page.)

So complicated.

So it is!