On eight minutes or on the eighth minute?

I wanna say somebody scored a goal on the eighth minute of the match or just say he scored on the eight minutes. For me, the latter one is quite natural, what do you think?

First of all:
I want to say… , not ‘I wanna say…’

Neither of your phrases are natural. You could say:
He scored a goal in the eighth minute.
He scored a goal in the eighth minute of the match.

  • both of those are fine.

Thank you very much. Your sentence makes sense for me and I think the “in” is absolutely right. But I did read this sentence via BBC sports:

“And for all the possession and pretty build-up play, much of the Blues’ attacks lacked bite in the final third and it was Fulham, buoyed by their recent renaissance, who created the match’s first chance on eight minutes.”

URL:BBC Sport - Football - Fulham 0-0 Chelsea

What does this mean?

He scored a goal in the eighth minute of the match.

A match is a sort of competition between two teams, where one team can win and the other team can lose, or the match can end in a draw and neither team wins or loses.

“the eighth minute of the match” - “the eighth minute after the match began”.

I’d say it was a typo.