on bed or in bed

Is there any difference between “on bed” and “in bed”?
For example, can I use “on bed” in the sentence below?

He lingered in bed and missed breakfast.


“on bed” is incorrect.

Apparently, the difference is:

on the bed = on top of the covers
in bed = under the covers

Or at least that is what I’ve taken away from previous discussions.*
Or at least that is what I was left with from previous discussions.*

*Dozy, could you let me know if those two sentences are all right? Thank you very much.

Right. Also, “in bed” is used only of people, whereas “on the bed” can be used of anything.

They are both possible but the former seems preferable in this case. The latter may have a slight nuance of dissatisfaction.

A slight nuance of dissatisfaction?! Interesting!
No, no dissatisfaction at all! :stuck_out_tongue: I meant to say that that is what I have kept in mind.

Thanks again!