"on account of"

Hi, is this term, “on account of” used often in the UK or other English speaking countries? The only place I have ever heard it used is in old “Leave It To Beaver” tv shows from the 1950’s: “Sorry Eddie, I can’t go, on account of the Beaver and I getting in trouble for keeping our pet frog in mom’s jewelry box.” Many students use it in their TOEFL essays and to me it sounds extremely dated, but perhaps it is more common in other countries.


  1. All Schools are closed on account of measles and mumps.
  2. All Schools are closed because of measles and mumps.
    I heard it used in India as quoted above.
    ‘on account of’ means ‘because of’.
    Please comment.

Hehe, I didn’t know it was uncommon,
I remember hearing it in CSI, and some other movie I can’t put a name to.

Here’s a more comprehensive “report” on the use of this expression in movies:

It’s common enough in the UK.

Please someone explain the difference betwixt “on account of” and “on behalf of”. Thanks

on account of - because of
on behalf of [someone] - representing [someone] (so ‘I’m sending this letter on behalf of my client’ would be ‘I’m sending this letter for my client’ - as the agen of or on someone’s part)

You might remit payment to the mortgage company on account of your son-in-law, meaning that the money is credited toward his indebtedness, and not any of your own,


  1. You might remit payment to the mortgage company on account of your son-in-law.
  2. You might remit payment to the mortgage company for your son-in-law.
    I believe #1 means #2.
    So ‘on account of’ means ‘for’ in this context.
    Am I right?

You’re not wrong in a practical sense, but there IS a subtle difference.

However, making a payment for your son in law, the mortgage company considers it to be the regular monthly payment, which has interest, taxes, insurance, and private mortgage insurance deducted before anything is applied to principle. That allows your son-in-law to not make a house payment, and use that money for a big screen TV, a trip to Atlantic City, a bass boat or other luxuries.

If he doesn’t know about the payment, he makes his own payment, and whatever you remit to be applied to his account goes directly to principal. A dollar in early payments on principal can save $1 or $2 in interest, paying the house of more quickly.