On a good day

The Arsenal manager Bertie Mee watched Marinello on a good day.
On a good day you might happen to come across a man taking his dog for exercise.
On a good day he looked like a mixture of Rod Stewart, Steve Jones and Buddy Holly.
I remember talking to the actress Kathleen Turner about this; on a good day, she said, she knew she could have nine out of 10 men in the room. I pointed out that there are only a few men who could say that, on a good day, they could have one out 10 women.
-Are all those samples within one meaning /which I seem to be missing, honestly/?

1 'On a day when he was playing well/
2 More context is needed to explain what makes that particular day ‘good’.
3 On a day when he felt his physical appearance was at its best.
4 Possibly as number 3, but more likely simply on a day when things were going well.

In general
on a good day = on a day when things (or one particular thing) are going well/ working out well.

Thank you, Beees. Can I feel free and digress a little towards ‘talking’ and ‘walking’?
It was not on a good day for David Haye that he reflected after being defeated by Wladimir Klitschko /just enjoy his style/: “Feel free to have a pop at me. I give it the big talk, I talk the talk, and on Saturday night I didn’t walk the walk. You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.”
“You can’t just take the accolades when it’s going well - when it isn’t going well, when it doesn’t go your way, you’ve got to take the lumps.”
The guy should write, don’t you find?

Yes. Practice makes perfect. :stuck_out_tongue: