OK, let's not buy a lottery ticket after all/finally/at last


Take a look at the following dialogue, please.

A - Today’s my lucky day. Let’s buy a lottery ticket.
B - Wait a minute! Are you sure you really want to?
A - I don’t understand. What do you mean?
B - If we won the jackpot, I could become an alcoholic and I could lose my job.
A - How awful! OK, let’s not buy a lottery ticket after all.

About the last sentence, could I say “OK, let’s not buy a lottery ticket finally/at last” as well?

No, neither of those alternatives carry the correct meaning.

Hi Bev,

OK, I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting this “no”. By the way, instead of “I could become an alcoholic etc.” could I use “may” (or “might”, of course) as well? Thanks again. Take care. :wink:

Yes, those are all possible.

Is this sentence correct?
“Anyone can become an alcoholic if he has an alcoholic parent, uncle or friends.”

Grammatically it is. Logically it isn’t.