Oft and 'oft-'


An important, oft-neglected issue is… – my today’s reading ‘exercise’.
Very intellectual text. :slight_smile:

I’ve never met that oft!

oft - Often. Often (:)) used in combination: his oft-expressed philosophy; oft-repeated tales.

an oft told story/tale – with no hyphen - thank you, Mr. Google!

Could you say something about the way how to use that oft – only in the fixed (compound) words or it also can be normally used as a shorten form of often - separately?
Or it’s better just to keep it in the passive vocabulary? :slight_smile:

Hi Tamara,

Oft on its own is mainly found in poetry or poetic language as in my favourite Romantc poet, John Keats:

and of course there are many examples in literature.

Coupled with a past participle as in your examples it comes across as rather pretentious certainly at least in speech. I think words like oft-repeated/oft-quoted/oft-told sound a little quaint and most people would probably for for: frequently repeated/much quoted/

These are my thoughts.