Official e-mail

Would you please advise the best expression to be used against the following;

the context of my e-mail


First, we would like to thank you for your visit to our premises on mmm. dd, yyyy

Based on the marginal conversations I had with you, I noticed that you are expecting (ABC co.) to sign a letter of commitment contains twelve points.

As (ABC co.) had mentioned nothing about that letter, we doubled checked with KIPUK and they did confirm that they had received nothing.

Would you please e-mail that letter to them a.s.a.p.

Best Regards, "

End of the e-mail

Hi Fooz

I’ve highlighted some of the words in your e-mail and added my comments under the quote:

  • marginal = low quality; substandard - sounds very negative and unfriendly. What do you mean? Short or brief? Suggestion:Based on our brief conversations
  • noticed --> understood
  • letter of commitment --> letter of intent???
  • contains --> containing/consisting of
  • that letter --> such a letter
  • did confirm --> confirmed *
  • *they did confirm that they had received nothing --> It might be better to make this part more current: “they confirm that they have received nothing
  • a.s.a.p. --> This is a standard abbreviation, but it might be better to make it somewhat more formal: as soon as possible / at your earliest convenience


Just one other point to add to Amy’s suggestions; I would amend doubled checked to doublechecked.