occur or occurs

What verb should be used in the following paragraph? occur or occurs?

[i]I have setup the Zune software and I have connected my phone to my
computer via a USB cable. When I try to reach a webpage (e.x., www.msn.com)
then the following error occurs:

We’re having trouble reaching this webpage.[/i]

Hi Mj_Developer

Obviously, OCCURS is correct!


Because the verb must agree in number with the noun it refers to.

-error (singular noun) occurs
-errors (plural noun) occur

In my opinion the verb tense used here is the indefinite verb tense. Anyhow it wasn’t a question about verb tense but singular and plural.


In my opinion, the following error, is a passive sodomite and the sentence should be written as the following error is occurred.

What’s your idea?

That wouldn’t be correct.