O, Prepasitions!

Hi Everyone!

Hope to get help from somebody. I’d like to figure out what prepostions I can use with the word “limit”

I looked up in the dictionary and found several prepositions for “limit”

Originally I wanted to figure out which preposition to use in the phrase: Limit the list with the certain numbers of cities. I’m not sure wheter we need use “with” here, probably “to” is better. Can you tell me which one to choose?

In this kind of situation the preposition should be “to”, but “… to the certain numbers of cities” is not quite right.

You can say “limit the list to a certain number of cities” (number of cities is the important thing) or “limit the list to certain cities” (identity of cities is the important thing).

Wow, that is very interesting. never knew that. thanks, Dozy!