O, Oh, Ah, Huh...

Hello everybody ,

I have a question and hope you can help me,

(the situation: I left something on a desk ( or whatever ) and discovered that it suddenly disappeared)
O! where did it go?

the question: is using “O” here right? (for example can I use “Huh” here-> Huh? where did it go?)

and are there other exclamations (are O,Oh,Ah…etc called exclamations?, here’s another question ^^;:wink: that can be used here instead?? if there can you tell me “all” of them?

so sorry for the interruption, and thanks in advance

No interruption at all, Mostahirah-- that is why we are here.

These exclamations have rather free spellings, since they are just attempts to transcribe the outburst. However, ‘O’ is now used only in poetry as a gasp of epiphany. For your example, here are some relatively standardized interjections:

Oh! Where did it go? (surprise)
Huh? / Eh? Where did it go? (curiosity, confusion)
Ah! Where did it go? (mild surprise or satisfaction)
Uh, where did it go? (hesitation, dumbfoundedness)

Thank you!

That was really -REALLY- helpful,

Thank you~