Number in English ($450, 860 or $450.860)


you wrote $450,860,600,700 or $450.860.600.700 or both?


Let’s take something you asked about on a different forum instead, Quoc: :wink:
$10.456,450 => [color=red]This is incorrect

[size=134]$10,456,450[/size] => [color=blue]This is correct
[size=84](This is a dollar amount with no cents)[/size]

Ten million four hundred fifty-six thousand four hundred fifty dollars and thirty-five cents would be written this way:

When dealing with money (and large numbers), the commas separate hundreds from the thousands, the thousands from the millions and the millions from the billions, etc. Anything that is less than one whole dollar (or pound) has a decimal point preceding it.

Ten dollars and ninety-nine cents = $10.99
Two hundred seventy dollars can be written two ways, for example:

[color=red][size=125]- HOWEVER -[/size]

The number 2,500,000 can also be written this way:
2.5 million (and is pronounced “two point five million” or also “two and a half million”)

By the way, your question was not a question. To ask the question, you could have written this, for example:
Do you write $450,860,600,700 or $450.860.600.700 or both?

It’s really a good idea! In my country, the comment(,) convey into dot(.) and again dot–>comment.