Nowadays food has becoming easier to prepare. Has this change improve the way people live?

The ingredients of food and making food are one of the most important part of our life. But, making food and producing food are become more easier than the past by, technology, science and other things. I will mention my some of important reasons that help to make food is easier than past.

First of all, technology help us to make food swifter than the past. For example, we could warm our food in 2-3 minute with Microwave and also, some other electrical devices cause to spend less time in kitchen for preparing the food. as result, our time and our money save.

Second of all, in the past, we had to produce some ingredients freshly because we could not store these ingredients. But we can buy some things like vegetables and meat in our free time and store them in freezer or refrigerator. So, we can save our time and making food is more straightforward for us.

Then in the past we could use of some fruits and vegetables in special season. For example, we ate some fruit like orange, apple and lemon in the fall but we can buy and produce all of the fruits in other season.

At finally, the science produce food for all kind of diet. For instance, some people are very sensitive to Lactose that be in milk. But the science could help to produce milk without Lactose.

In conclusion, technology and science and other things help to the mankind to produce better food and also make the food swiftly.


Please rewrite your entire essay with very short and simple sentences to avoid as many mistakes as possible.


Thank you I really appreciate your help.

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You are welcome. I know how difficult it is to write an essay in your native language let alone in a second language. The most important rule of good writing is: Keep your sentences short and simple so they are easy to read. This is even more important when you write in a language other than your mother tongue.

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