NOW is mid-autumn festival, wish everybody happy

mid-autumn festival comes,enjoy staying with your family .
and…wish myself could have a good time.

Hi Wang wenjin. Where in China do you live?

hangzhou zhejiang China

Generally , I think most of people think that autumn season is despairing season , or maybe ,It’s the sadest season in the year .

I don’t know the real reason that makes me like this season , maybe because I was born in this season , and maybe I think that it’s so romantic season . :roll:

Anyway, I hope you’ll have a happy autumn season … :smiley:


thankyou hercules ,mid-autumn festival is just a holiday for relatives have fun together. i never relate despair to the cute season…

Mid autumn festival is big holiday in east Asian, specially in China, it is family reunion, you may have Mooncake and watching full moon at that day, a lot of fun.