Nothing! It must be something


Man: Oh, yes I do have something.
Woman: What is it?
Man: Oh, it’s nothing.
Woman: No, what is it?
Man: It’s the food bill.
Woman: The food bill? How much?
Man: It’s nothing.
Woman: Nothing! It must be something. How much is it? How many dollars?
Man: A hundred dollars. Would you like the bill?



Is “Nothing!” short for “It’s nothing!”?

Thank you


Yes, “It’s nothing!”

But the interesting question is the punctuation. Is this an exclamation, a question, or both?
When I read this I imagined the upward tone of a question but with the emphasis of an exclamation.
It’s a bit unconventional, but sometimes people use both, “!?”, in this case. There is a punctuation mark called the interrobang that is in a few fonts that combines the two symbols, one over top of the other.
When I type the word interrobang on my machine, it suggests the following substitution, which is one character: :interrobang:


Thank you so much, Arinker :rose:

Very nice.

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