Not Quazi's English but a positive example English!

Pyuk wrote:

You are almost right as most greedy and ignorant people are involved here now a days.

Though the USA or some advanced countries can enforce the law here perfectly than third or second world.

Much panic news is that pesticide or technological carrier that are banned in their country/s, it has been exported to the third world or less conscious country and some unscrupulous govt. officials gladly accepted these by bribe money, this is the present phenomenon in the world.
Solution is to be much conscious, nothing else.

WTH? I didn’t even know I’d been quoted in here.

Don’t worry about it, Pyuk. No one here will give what he says any credence. He has managed to totally discredit himself.

I don’t bother about any quarter educated person’s comments from any where in the world, as I am much accustomed to handle them in the learned court and practical life for last many years!

Pyuh appears to be more educated in English than Min.

I congrats him(pyuh)!

Could you say that in English? Do you mean you congratulate him?

So Bev, you are back to trying to communicate with Quazi in English? It’s a futile attempt. He might understand some English but he definitely can produce any comprehensible output in English.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Like you, Torsten!

I have the ear on the ground so don’t be worry.

Preaching makes me living on the bandwagon.

All juggling frogs!

“All juggling frogs” - classic!

Hello Luschen,

This idiom “All juggling frogs” -can be a classic one but you can ask us you don’t know what “All juggling frogs” means ,this is a chestnut; but for a new-born every idiom is a new one.
So I had to look up its meaning because as an English learning student I am a new- born.
What I found I share with everybody.
1.Juggle frogs
What does Juggle frogs mean? = If you are juggling frogs, you are trying to do something very difficult.
2.Idiom Definitions for ‘Juggle frogs’
If you are juggling frogs, you are trying to do something very difficult.
3 juggling frogs by Amy:
‘juggling frogs’ in the sentence would be this:
“attempting to do something that is practically impossible to do”
4.juggle frogs
A person who is juggling frogs is trying to deal with many different tasks at the same time and finding the situation difficult.
I’ve got so many things to do at the moment, I feel like I’m juggling frogs!
5.juggle frogs
If you are juggling frogs, you are trying to do something very difficult.

So: All juggling frogs = All is difficult (?)or Every beginning is difficult. (?)

Will you say to me you agree with this synonyms?

Kati Sváby

Yes, congrats is informal of congratulation which is noun.

So it should be, I make congrats anybody, thanks Bev.

No, it shouldn’t.
‘Congrats’ is only used informally as a single word, not within a phrase. Stop misleading other users.

“I make congrats anybody” is another good example of ‘Quazi English’: It contains English words but the phrase itself doesn’t make any sense. If you google the phrase, you will see that’s not English. It’s another piece of the nonsense Quazi has been littering the web with.

Quazi is one those people who never ask questions but make wild claims instead. He tries to convince others that ‘since 28 years’ is proper English stubbornly denying that it’s not. Talking to him is a waste of time and energy. He will never want to learn real English.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I could have done so, unfortunately my preachers are here not up to the excellent mark!

Though I was not a so good student in my university life.

I take it this illness has been plaguing you since 30 years ;-)?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Does that mean we need to preach at you harder in order to attain excellence?

You could improve your mastery of the English language by accepting your faults and embracing your many mistakes.

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that this will ever happen, Bev.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I think he’s looking for ordained ministers to do the preaching. Hehe.
Our “illustrious” Min is a piece of work all right! I wonder what his school teachers have to say about him - he probably wouldn’t listen to them either.
This rebellion against authority is usually typical of young children/teens, but in Min’s case I don’t know what to impute it to.

I would say you can impute it to either complete ignorance or his inability to correct his mistakes. At any rate it would be best if he stopped polluting our forum.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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