Not everything that is learned is contained in books

“Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

Reading the books makes an impact to every person. When we read a lot of them, we get a life experience based on the life experience of the character. But despite this I feel more confident when I get an experience from the real life because of the following reasons.

Firstly, characters in books are the result the author’s fantasy. When they face with the problems, a lot of people are ready to help and support them, and finally their problems are not the problems anymore. If nobody helps the character, they resolve the problems independently and in the 9 cases of 10 gain their goal. The people which we meat in the real life are more down-to-earth, selfish and brash. At first they think about themselves and how to get the benefit of any business. The citizens in the big cities are in the rash and don’t care about others feelings.

Secondly, the way to gain the goal means to make mistakes and to get new knowledge from them. Only having experience behind which include the ups and downs, we can reach the success. While reading the books we learn on the actions of a character but that doesn’t mean that we will lead ourselves on the same way. We just read, not act.

And at last, a lot of people live the life of the character. They create their own world where the book character-they are. And when they find the exit from this fantasy, they ask themselves:”Where did I loose myself? I can’t live in this crazy world because I am too silent”.

Well, these are my reasons to support my response. We need to read but don’t forget to live the real life. We should remember- life experience is the key to success.

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Hi girls, so you all three think that it is possible to gain life experience from books?!
(See the second sentence from the beginning.)