nonstandard use of term

I have a group of people who bowl. Then also “bowl” - they go to a mall and bump into people. Can I give a proper noun name to the thing they do at the mall, i.e. Bowl at the mall? Or are both terms bowling with a little b?


PS They do something they call ‘extravagent dining’ - is it

Phil enjoyed extravegant dining.
Phil enjoyed Extravagent Dining.

(extravagant dining is trying to get the host to pay for very expensive food, it has rules one must conform to in order to be considered that you are doing it)

‘Bowling’ involves a ball. What you describe sounds like some yobs engaging in anti-social behaviour to me. I wouldn’t dignify it with such a term.

Note the spelling of ‘extravagant’. If it is a title then it is capitalised.

Not in a title. I think the answer is there are two kinds of bowling, you don’t capitalize the one you “make up new”. They are both bowling. Lots of naughty things happen in literature. Dignity doesn’t enter in. Yes the word was mis-spelled. It’s not in the title of a chapter, it’s (again) it has a hidden meaning to a group of people in a novel -

Thanks for replying - I assume it’s bowling and bowling and the sentence itself will let the reader know …