New Year 2006

Hi, do you have any plans where to spend New Year’s Eve 2006?

I think it’s early to think about that…

tortoise, it’s never early to think about new year! It’s just pleasant to imagine the atmosphere of a holiday and to dream a little))
I’m planning to do something with my boyfriend by the way))

Hi Carol…

Speaking about new year, it’s all about holiday. Actually, I don’t have any plans to do on new year’s eve yet. But looking back to 2005 new year, I spent it with my friends, hanged around and had party, not really a big party. But I had lots of fun.

How 'bout you? Any idea? let me know about that.

you know, it’s now in Spept in VN, because we use Lunar calendar.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going to Berlin for New Year’s Eve, you know that big party at Brandenburger Gate. My cousin was there a couple of years ago and she said it was terrific, more than a million folks gathered and celebrated into the wee hours. Strangely enough I’ve googled around for that the upcoming event but there doesn’t seem to be any decent info. What’s happening in Berlin, too busy with finding a government :slight_smile: ?

I’ll probably spend the day/night with my boyfriend but we haven’t decided yet whether in England or in Germany. Anyway, will be a nice evening at home - wherever.

Hello Stefanie, Tortoise, Jailbird, Carol, Hipster, made sariada and everybody else, I think what’s even more interesting to know about 2006 is what goals you have the coming year. What do you want to achieve in 2006? As for me, I’m planning to graduate from university and I also want to take up kick boxing.

Hi Andreana,

my goals in 2006 - well, first of all I want to take the CAE (I hope I can take it in June) and pass at least with a “B”. Then I’d like to start learning a second language (Spanish or Italian) but it all depends on my timetable at university. They offer courses in both languages but till now they didn’t fit into my timetable :frowning:
Thirdly I want to fly the first time in my life - well, I don’t really want but I want to conquer my fear of flying.

Hi Stefanie, I think for you passing the CAE with a B note will be a piece of cake. Your English is very good and you still have more than 6 months to prepare for the exam. You say you want to learn a second language, isn’t English your second language? So if you learn Italian this will be your third language won’t it? Are you saying you have never used an airplane in your life? Statistically, this is the least risky way of travelling so why are your afraid of it?


“prepare for the exam” actually is the problem :oops: I’m soooo lazy!!! And unfortunately vocabulary is my weakest point, it’s also the “easiest” to work at - but I hate just sitting down and memorizing vocabulary, so I hope to learn enough just through reading and through talking/listening to my boyfriend.

And yes, you’re right - English is my second language and Italian would be my third, I wrote second because it would be my second foreign language. I started learning Italian some years ago, but it was soooo boring because of the slow learning-speed in that couse, so that I gave up.

And yes again, I’ve never used an airplane in my life - one reason for this surely is that there was no need for it till now, we’ve (my family has) always spent the holidays in Germany and I never wanted to go further away - or took the coach (Italy, London…). What am I afraid of - well, the height is one point, I even feel dizzy when crossing bridges that are definitely not high and I’d never dare standing on a high tower… And on the other hand… there’s the thought that you - when you’re on the plane once - can’t get out of it again until it lands. Terrible thought somehow. But as there’s the need of flying now (there are other ways to come to England - but the coach takes so long (and I hate crossing the Channel by ferry, at least in winter/early spring) and the train is too expensive). Luckily my boyfriend agreed to come over twice this year, over Christmas and New Year, so it gives me time till Feb/March to get used of the idea of flying.