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dear Torsten,
thx for the 1st 2nd lessons u sent to me.
now i am here to improve my english and get ready to take the toefl exam in one month.
i wish your help will be very importan for all the 4 part of the toefl exam.
i already took the test but my score was very very low.
i need advics in listening, speaking, writing and the reading part.

TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture on American social history

Here’s some advice which will immediately improve the quality of your written work:

Always use capital letters where they should be placed, such as sentence openings, exam titles andf names of languages.
The pronoun ‘I’ is always written as a capital letter, regardless of its position in a sentence.
The word is ‘you’ not ‘u’.
The word is ‘thanks’ not ‘thx’.
Check your spelling. important, advice.

If you didn’t know these things, then this would account for a low score.
If you already knew these things, then don’t be lazy. Use them every time you write. Otherwise you will get into bad habits and use them on your test.

ok. I am happy to read your quick response. thanks for the first step.

You demonstrate my point. Although you have used a capital letter for the pronoun, you have still not used capital letters to begin every sentence.