New to the course and trying to settle

Hello Torsten,

I am new to the english course and I have just listened to the third lesson.

However I have noticed that the lessons are a bit too basic for me and I was wondering whether you could help me update my status to intermediate level.

My name is Haeso, I live in London in England. I am from Togo, a french speaking country. I would like to improve my english language and be able to read and understand advanced level writings. I would really appreciate it if you can first of all help me identify my current level and guide or put me in the right class.

Thanks very much in advance.


Hello Haeso,

Welcome to the forums.

The course is flexible enough that you can visit any of the lessons and exercises in any order at any time.

You will find the lessons here:
And here are some other starting points: … -test.html … obahn.html