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i write this essay depending on this q:
some students prefer to attend a small university .others prefer to attend a big university .discuss the advantages of each.then indicate which type of university you prefer?

the essay :

Every person would like to continue their education in universities ,some prefer to attend a big university and the other prefer big university .Here we will discuss the advantages for each of them.
One of the advantages of big university is that it got a good and strong faculty members, maybe one of them is popular of his researches. Also ,they might have longer experience teaching in universities . The second advantage is the bigger the university is the more it will be known and the more it will be popular.
On the other side , The advantages of the small university is First, there will be less student in the one class so that will help in the learning process. Second , everybody in the university will be known and they will look like a big family and because of the small campus all the building will be near each other so it will be essayer to transfer from one to another.
But in my opinion , I prefer the big university for tow resens that I think that is important for me .First, the crulicm for my major because the more the big the university there course will be more advanced and new. Second , the diversity in the university is also an important factor and you can find in big university more diversity then the small university because then we can exchange our traditions and experiences.
In conclusion , the advantages for the big university and small university are much more and in the end it will depend in the student itself and what he will prefer to go to .

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