New Member Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I have just joined the forum and looking forward for some interesting discussions as I would love to share my knowledge with all the members and expect to get good response from all.


I’m Genka Zhekova from Bulgaria and I have been studing English in Europe school in my town Kazanlak for 3 years.

hi, im nicky and i’m from papua new guinea. i’d really love to learn english so that i can write and speak it fluently. i just joined the forum.

thank you

Hi Justin, I’m Thuy Kieu, I’m Vietnamese.
now i’m working for a Korean company, there are use only English to speak. So it give me some difficult task. I wanna wish improve my English skill to work good well.
I’m online all day from 8h30 to 18h pm (local time) under I hope i am a brand new friend with you.
i am 22 years old.
If you have free times, please don’t hesitate contact me as

Hi Justin,
what music is most popular in UK now, dubstep or drum’n’bass?

hi, QQ49, you look pretty ^^

Hello everybody, I’m Anthony and I have just joined the forum. I have been living in England (Nottingham) for 5 months and I’m going to stay untill june. I will be verry happy to talk with peopke in this forum or in msn for example to improve my english. In france I have been studying in a ingineering school for 2 years and that’s why I have to come back to france in june to finish my study. Moreover I’m going to pass the TOEIC test in June and my school wants me to have more than 750… Let’s go! :slight_smile:
See you soon eveybody :wink:

hello everybody, i am Troy new member in forum. please to meet you^^ very happy with you make friend

hi every body. I’m youssef from marrakech. I’ve just joined this forum… I find it very interesting… Surely It.'ll be a good experience…i’m here to raise my level in english . to share ideas and to make new friends.

Hey Justin, how r u doing? My name is Mohamed, I’m from Syria and now working in Qatar just to earn some money to travel to Canada or UK to study English there, I haven’t studied English at school coz my foreign language at school was French, so I traveled to Qatar just to earn money to study English, hope we can be friends, might we can meet in the future coz I got plan to travel to the UK

Im thai
sorry for short message
you can chat with me by msn if you have

Hello Everyone,
I’m Sumera from Pakistan. I’m doing Ph.D. I joined this forum few days back. I found this forum very good, I hope, I will enjoy learning English with all of you. Best wishes for all of you. Thanks

My name is Judith, but I go by “JB”. I have always had a fascination for words and expressions, idioms, and like to learn their origins. My formal education was in Archeology and Geology, but I have also studied ethnobotany, aerial photography and cartography.