New member Fawzi - Hi all!

Hi there all,

I am a new member. Just got the link to this site from my wife. I checked an excercise, saw the comments from the mods, liked the comments/solutions and then became a members, all in a sudden.

I am a member and yet have not checked anything else. I usually get some questions not everyone can answer, but with this forum I believe I would get some.


I wonder what kind of questions you usually get! This is an English study forum, friends here ask questions and do culture exchanges, of course, there would be some hard topics which nobody could give a “yes” or “no”, but you can find something interesting and enjoy it! Welcome !!! :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome

Not necessarily difficult ones, though.

Hi fa_kilani

Nice to see here with us …
Are you chinese ?

[size=150]I like china[/size]


Hi Hercules

No, I am not from China

Nice to hear from you