New member at forums: My name is Naif. I'm from Jeddah.

Hi everybody here :smiley:

My name is naif

I’m from jeddah

I’m 24 year old.

I’m interested in improve my english

thank you verey much …

Hello Naif,

How are you today? Thanks a lot for registering on our forum, we are very glad to have you around. What do you do in Jeddah and why are you interested in improving your English?

Best regards,

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Hello Naif ,

I am Najlaa from Taif. Welcome to this useful forum. What is the weather like today in Jeddah?

Have a nice time, brother.

Iam okey today Torsten thank you
god willing I rist with everybody here

why are you interested in improving your English?

god willing I will go to University in the USA

but language not good

I now a study in school language in jeddah

level b3

can you help me :smiley:

thank you one agine

hey Najlaa

Iam fine

the wether is very hot in jeddah

I was with my family in Taif

befor two weeks the wether is taif is very good

we sit there three days

thank you my sister

thank y

Hello Naif,

My brother is studying in USA , He has been there since February .

What do you intend to study and in which city in USA?

Best wishes brother ,

…hellow…everybody…i’ve just joined this forum…'n it seems fine…i’m from Bangladesh. I’m trying to prepare myself for GRE xam…any suggestions for starter…?..thanx in advance…

Hello najlaa

really your brother in USA الله يوفقه ان شاء الله

god willing after three months

I would like to go San Diego in California

I am sorry about mistakes in write

Hi Naif ,

Do not worry , just try to learn English more .

Good luck brother,

My name is Mawliid. I am a news paper reporter and a university student.I am a English student at Forum.My English is improving day by day , so that how is your English now?

Hi Mawliid ,

Do you asking me or Naif ?

If the question for me , I have a Bachelor degree in English literature . I am here to improve my language more . :slight_smile:
I would like you tell me how my English language is like ? :slight_smile:

I am asking Najlaa.