New learner

Hi tostern
this ramin a new learner

Hi Dear Torston
I’m a new learner too

Hi Ramin
please help me to have 5 posts to get a skype ID to practice speaking with a native.
Thank you

Hi Ramin, what can you offer to a native speaker in return for their time? In other words: What makes you think you will find any native speakers who meet with you on Skype?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, talks: New sports club official gives encouraging introductory speech to players[YSaerTTEW443543]

I thought: Friendship. Once I had an American friend but he is married now and of course that time, my speaking was very weak! But you are right! what can I do for may him/her in return!!!
Thanks for reply Dear Torsten

Hi tostern
this is ramin i told i am new here but i have been using ur lessons by mail
i think iv resived number 55 or more , my reading was better becouse of ur
lessons ,but my speaking skill is very weak so i request u help me
as befor.

Hi tostern
i want to record my voice but our internet is very weak and low its take much time
to record it make me nerves but i will try to do that and u tell about my accent.

Dear Ramin,
It was all my fault. Getting a skype Id and sending messages to instructors was provided we have 5 posts. So I had to have them and one of my posts was about native speakers.
Please accept my heartfelt apologies for posting a reply for you. Don’t take offense at the reply.

dear tostern
i dont think u will reply me soon but u did it was amazing for me
thanku very much.

Dear tostern
Yesterday happened a great earth quake in our country , near the city of mine. It was very dangres as all people was warried and feared.our houses shaked and we all decide to go out . but it was very fast and short.thanks god , we havent any injuerd.

Finally,I have decided to do it online,before this I have gone through englishguru and classes but couldn’t able to make it fluent…THANK GOD I GOT THIS

hi everyone…i am also new learner…hope this forum and all of u will help me with english…