NEW here. my name is Sai from the beautiful country called Japan...

HELLO everyone, my name is Sai from the beautiful country called Japan but currently in the lovely island of the Philippines. I have chosen to be a part of this wide and active online tutorial because of the fact that I want to improve my English skills in the four critical aspect of English as a language–reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Moreover, I also want to learn the diverse culture of varied people across the globe inasmuchas I want to be a friend to everyone else.

I am looking forward to meet new friends in here.

Until then, have a good day everyone.


PS, I’m the one wearing specs (glasses). (^^)

Hi! Mabuhay! I am Genalou Jajalla from the Pearl of the Orient Sea, Philippines. I am new here. I want to pass my civil service professional examination that is why I am joining this forum because I want to improve my english grammar and vocabulary as well.


gusto ko lang talaga makijoin. hehehe. ikaw un tlg?

my goodness

WHAT about it?

HMMM…that’s odd. I know I have already posted two topics excluding this one.