New here: I'm a language Trainer under with Call Center Training Program...

Good Morning everyone My name is Alan Philippines, I’m a language Trainer under with Call Center Training Program in IT school. I loved the forums and until now I have a lot of mistakes or errors as I should say when it comes to language and some constructions hope all of you here could help me at least, to improve more easily in English language and I want to have more friends all over the world and help to look for some job offers.

Thank you so much

More power to the administrators!

Sanunai Alan


But which is your name Sanunai Alan or Alan Philippines?

Dear Alan,
I am a trainer in a call center and have employees who speak English as second language. I am always trying to help them speak better and understand how to communicate with customers. You said you are a language Trainer in a Call Center Training Program in IT school. Do you teach English in the classroom? I am interested in getting ideas for training. Do you have any ideas to share? I would appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you,

HI beth how are you today, Yes I am a trainer in IT school but I was assigned in the 40 hours American Accent Training Program, before I worked as outbound agent in Cebu, by the way where are you from? In my training I have four packages of learning, to be exact 4 sets of Manual Like American Culture, English Grammar and Language, Customer service and Telemarketing, I was teaching for fours years now for Call Center Training then after endorsement for job/application in
different partners in the Philippines. How about you?

:smiley: Dear Alan,
I appreciate your reply about ESOL training in your call center. I am an ESOL instructor teaching business English in the Middle East and am planning a workshop for call center representatives. They want to become more fluent in American English. I will cover most of the topics you mentioned.
Thank you for the information. All companies need training courses for agents who talk to English speaking customers. This is a great challenge. Practice listening and speaking is the most important part of learning.

Dear Beth,
Thanks for the reply, Actually Call center Position is one of the most in demand job here in the Philippines, thats why newly graduates trying to be part of competitive job
of course they would require you to have a high rate passing rate through English examination. I started as outbound, and then inbound type and then I resigned coz
its difficult for me to work at night. By the way let me ask, What kind of student you have? their Nationalities? Would that be Mixed? or pure Muslim?
You know working in a Call Center considered challenging most of my Team mates came from US so, its their task to influence American Accent since its a Telemarketing job Primary market is American, Meaning we need to challenge our self to speak like Americans. Actually, I believed you said to me that " Practice listening and Speaking is the most important part of learning" thats great, Honestly, I’m not fun of reading, LOL… it makes me insane specially old English during my college days, But now, I started to cope up with my weakness and doing good. How many years you’ve been teaching there?

Tnx beth and have a nice day!

Hello Alan,

Can I think that you help me ???

I wanted trainning my English…

Thank you…


HI there Vand where are you from? I’m from Philippines, yeah I could help if you want… good day!

:smiley: Alan,
The students are a from different religions, but mostly muslim. They work in a telecom company.
The call center is the hardest job even in your native language. Being successful in a second language is even more difficult. I admire you very much.

Hi Alan

I am an American interested in working in the Philippines as an accent/language trainer in a call center. Could you tell me what kind of qualifications I would need for this position? How is the demand? You say most of your teammates come from the US. Could you provide their contact information so that I could ask them about their work? Thank you!


Pleasant morning everyone,My name is April…and I’m a Data Analyst/Encoder in a Marketing firm company. I’ve read your conversations and I was thinking if you could help me.
I’m having a lot of fun reading interesting books up until now…You see my problem is I can’t speak in English verbally, But I can when I write…I’ve been through call center interviews but I’ve never pass any.I always get startled during my interviews.Also I’m not sure about my grammar and vocabulary,I was planning to enroll in a call center training school for a month or year? you have any suggestions?? BTW, here’s my number 09233959246…

Hello Gendoshonen,
same with me… I was a dreamer “i could say” because I really like to work in a call center. But the problem is the call center don’t like me. :slight_smile: I mean I don’t pass the interview. I can write english and very much keen when it comes to grammar and spelling, but in speaking, I am weak. My speaking ability is not really good. So, I landed here in Qatar and presently working as an adminstrative assistant.

Yes too bad, But maybe I can try to conquer my weakness…and I’ve got to try.

…and I eventually remember my interviewee before. After 15 minutes of conversation, she asked me if I’m still planning to enroll to an english training school? Well, i just nod. I just said to myself, i know i was not able to pass and I need to improve my english more… :slight_smile:

Yes same here, she says I have to practice more and talk as if i am eating my words,…

Yes same here, she says I have to practice more and don’t talk as if i am eating my words,…

want to be a trainer but don’t know where to star. All i know is, as an agent, i found myself teaching newbies more than the trainers and team-leaders. They were all taught product knowledge, but the confidence was missing.

talk in english, think in english, and never let rejections stop you. More often than not, it is the confidence of the applicant they’re looking for. Watch american shows, and never stop practicing. hope this helps

hi i’m tarun rana. I am very happy to know that you are a trainer. i’ll be happy if a trainer will be my fiend who can hwlp me to emprove my knowledge.

reply if you would like to be my friend.

Of course, we’re friends already. What country are you from, anyway?