New friend: I'm Usha from India. I hope you helpme to improve my knowledge...

:wink: Hi friend I’m Usha from India… i joined here as a new member, i hope u all help to improve my knowledge…in english

Hello Usha,

Good to read you. Why not start with writing? Let’s see if we can improve what you have just written –

“Hi friends, I’m Usha from India. I joined here as a new member. I hope you all help me to improve my knowledge in English.

Isn’t it more clear? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank for ur reply! I just need some dictionary words…and some examples where i have to use it

Hi,I am in india,we will do so wat u need

Hello Usha, I have an exercise for you, let’s see how could you perform :slight_smile:

Correct this sentence for grammatical mistakes –

“Hi,I am in india,we will do so wat u need.”