New feature - download English tests as PDF for free (2000 tests available)


All the tests on our site including the English Level and Assessment Test will soon be available for you to download as PDF. We want to reach out to those of you don’t have permanent and free access to the internet. So, in a couple of hours from now you will have access to the free PDF version of more than 2000 tests with 10 questions and each along with the answers. Here is a first version of our English Level Test: english_assessment_test.pdf (67.9 KB)


The functionality is here!

You can open any tests listed:

For example, you can download the test for Adjective prepositions constructions - Take a test! | directly in the test view by clicking on the big button that can’t be missed :wink:

Here’s that test as a link:

We hope you will find it useful!


Hi Pawel, I’m pleased to meet you :wink:. Thank you very much for doing such an excellent job with the development. Hopefully the PDF files will help lots of people from around the world improve their English and overcome obstacles.


Instead of taking an entire test you can also answer single questions: All questions |