Are you familiar with the term “netbook”? If so, do you think netbooks will eventually gain the same popularity as notebooks?


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If a person needs nothing more than Internet access and core computing functions, he/she may go for a netbook, but many of us need more than such basic functions. I’ll stick with my shiny new Sony VAIO, thanks.

Hi Torsten

I can easily imagine people buying them as “supplementary” gadgets.
By that I mean that I don’t think they will replace PCs or full-sized laptops, but that people will find them particularly handy when portability is important. I also assume there will be plenty of people who will buy them simply because they’re the latest high-tech gadget. :lol:

I’ve just received a product flyer from Aldi Germany advertising the Medion Akoya Mini 10 NetBook E1210 (what a name for such a small notebook ;-)). Now, it all looks very nifty and smart on the surface: Intel Atom processor N270, 1GB RAM, Windows XP Home Edition, service pack 3, high resolution wide screen, integrated WebCam and microphone, 160GB hard drive, USB Bluetooth 2.0 Mini Adapter, card reader, Li-Ion battery… Very reasonably priced at just EUR399 BUT: There is no permanent Internet connection! This means you can go online via WLAN which is still a great problem in Germany. I mean, where can you log on to the Internet through a Wi-Fi/WLAN access point? Of course there a few public HotSpots but almost none of them are free to use. Where ever you pick up a WLAN, you need to know the access code to use it. So, in opinion the ALDI offer is just a bad joke.

What do you think?

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