neither and either


Please take a look at the following sentences.

Is both acceptable? Or, which is common?


It should be “Me neither.” You’ll hear “Me either,” but it’s more or less low colloquial.

OK, but what is low colloquial?

Not quite slang, but almost there.

I see, I thought it meant spoken by uneducated people.

Hi Cantik

I’d say “Me neither” might be a little more commonly used simply because it roles off the tongue better. “Me either” can end up sounding/feeling a bit choppy.

Just my personal opinion.

Thanks for the observation, Amy.

Just to make sure: You know that “I didn’t either” is also a way to answer that, right?

“Me neither” is just a heck of a lot more common that “I didn’t either.”

Oh yes, Barb_D. It’s a short way to say “I didn’t go either.”

Thanks for the concern. It’s just that I know from a different angle/context, we might also say “Me either”. I just wanted to know which people use more often.

I am not sure, to my understanding, Neither should be used to reflect the negativeness.
Neither me, nor he don’t have the Book.
Is this correct
I don’t hear frequently - either+negative meaning.