Negative aspects of automobile

Topic: Negative aspects of automobile

The appearance of automobile has brings our lives a lot of beneficial things. With the help of automobile, people can move from one location to another much easier. However, considering carefully about all aspects coming from the use of automobile in daily life, there are some problems that we need to take into consideration.

For one thing, together with the appearance of automobile, the traffic problems are becoming more and more serious, especially in the big cities. The rapidly increase of the amount of automobile are causing traffic infrastructure overload. In the rush hours, streets are full will a variety of vehicles, and a lot of them are different kinds of car from small to very large ones. Furthermore, accidents are rising significantly these days. Although the government is put a lot of efforts to prevent these problems by putting more money in building more roads, and restructure the traffic systems, the problems which come from automobile still cannot be resolved completely.

Besides, another thing that we need to consider is the pollution caused by automobile. Owing to the development of economy as well as the car price decrease, people now can be able to afford their own cars. As a result, the pollution is becoming more and more serious and seems to be out of control because of the cars’ emissions. According to environmentalists, the rapidly grow of automobile has affected partly to the global warming. Another problem that caused by the pollution of cars’ emissions is lung-related diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, etc. For the long run, if we do not have any solutions to diminish the waste of cars, the human lives would be seriously affected.

In conclusion, beside the positive aspects such as helping people moving conveniently, automobiles also possess negative aspects that harm our lives significantly as I mentioned above. Therefore, the governments as well as scientists need to think of practical solutions as soon as possible to diminish the pollution and traffic problems. Besides, the improvement of the traffic infrastructure and the inventions of alternative vehicles which do not harm environment need to be considered and researched. In the near future, with the development of economy and technology, I strongly believe that these problems will be resolved very quickly.

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