Need to help my cousin with his poetry

Hello everybody, in today’s world each one of us have some or the other ways to express our talents. There are a wide range of people with different talents and here I am to help my cousin feel better. He has interest in writing poetry but the problem is a place where he can find enough exposure. I don’t believe that he will get a straight forward or a quick response but may be a way into the poetry community with inputs from others.

Any help will be appreciated.

There is much online content to educate you about this. I think that your friend needs to be a bit more exposed to the online world so that he can select the best sources for his poems. But, in my opinion I would advice your friend to consider visual poetry which is a network for poets to make their work handled with a touch of creativity. There are members there who add a magical touch, which is motion graphics, video, photography, paintings and other features that gives your poems a new look and a way to present itself with. I hope that you would love to see your poetry presented in the form of visualized poetry

Good poetry should speak for itself, without the need for fancy fonts, pretty pictures, or distracting video.

If you have to resort to gimmicks to get people to read your poems, then you’ve failed as a poet.

There is an English language learner’s poetry forum over at the English Forum to begin with.