need proof-reading

The detailed list of Goods with indication to description, amount, price, total worth, terms of their delivery and other necessary provisions, is determined in invoices (in relation to the purchase of Goods) to this Agreement which is inalienable part of this Agreement. In case of Goods being supplied by separate parties the invoices can be registered for every separate party.
-Will you kindly point at some possible logical or other flaws in the text.
Thanks in advance.

It makes sense, but seems overly complicated and dense, with some words that could be simplified. For example “Inalienable”, to Americans at least, is a word that is usually only seen when reading our Declaration of Independence. Most native speakers would take this to be part of a contract of the sort that was only read by lawyers.
Also, you have a trend of capitalizing words (goods, agreement) that should not be capitalized.
“indication to description” should probably be “indications of the description…”

Thank you, Erik. And it really is an extract from a contract including all the capitalization. Which would you prefer to “inalienable” -essential, inherent?