Need help gyus! Please!

Hello guys! I hope you are all doing great! I was wondering if someone can comment my independent essay and give some reсс? I would really appreciate your help!!

Throughout our life, we are constantly maintaining various relationships. Sometimes our relationships based on lie and hypocrisy, but most frequently people attempt to build pure, honest and heartfelt relations between each other. People often call into the question whether honesty is the best policy or not, however, I hold opinion that cornerstone of any relationships is honesty. I will discuss reasons why telling the truth is necessary.
To begin, telling the truth plays an increasingly important role in life. When people start any relationships, they want to be confident and feel trustful towards their friends or loved ones. For the past years there were many studies showing that for most people the most important thing in relations is truth. If people lie to each other, they can lose trust in relationships and eventually break up. Thus any relationships demand great efforts and not every person is capable of maintaining trustful relations.
What is more, telling the truth is beneficial not only for healthy relationships, but also for professional life. If a person prepares for a job interview, clearly, he might gloss over some point in CV. On the one hand, people who hire a person for a position may not attach great importance for a little lie, but from another perspective a constant lying at work could jeopardize a liar. As for me, it’s better to tell a truth rather than lying, since it demonstrates negative part of personality.
Some people believe that it’s beneficial to admit a little lie or so –called “white lie” for exceptional cases, however if a person lies on a regular basis it could lead to misfortune. Indeed, I strongly agree that people shouldn’t lie even if it is a white lie. Hence if we require other people to be honest , so we should be confident that we are fair too.


Hello and welcome to our forum. Thanks a lot for sharing your essay. Can you please tell me who have written your essay for? Who do you think is going to read your essay and how can your audience benefit from it?

As for your writing skills I suggest you start by writing short sentences to try and eliminate any grammar and syntax error. Apparently you have developed the habit of making up your own phrases. For example,

The correct phrase is ‘to call into question’ not ‘call into the question’.

The grammatically correct phase is “I hold the opinion” but it sounds rather contrived and artificial in your case. Also, it should read ‘the cornerstone of any relationship’. So, in most of your sentences there are few things that don’t sound quite right which will put your readers off.

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