Need help for GRE

Hello everyone,

I have my GRE test on 28th Dec, I am preparing hard on every section.
I have very bad problem in reading, i read very solw and take a lot of time to answer a reading comprehension question. I think am a very bad reader.
Please help me, how can i improve my reading. I read news paper, articals, every thing I find. But still the same problem.

And one more thing, can i post my writen essay in this forum to grade it.

Hi Kumraki,

If you want to improve your reading comprehension skills it’s vital you develop an interest in absorbing new information through reading. Create a list of subjects you are interested in. What are you excited about? Then find articles, books, e-books, websites and newspapers that contain information on your favourite subjects. Make it a habit to read for a certain time every single day. You can start by reading this: GRE reading comprehension training

As for your essay, yes you can post it here.


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That’s great advice from Torsten. It takes time to improve your reading skills, though, so don’t expect miracles by the 28th. If you’re anxious, postpone your test, but if you’re really trying to make certain deadlines for Fall 2007, then take it with as much confidence as you have and go for it!