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Hy! My name is Sergiu and I am from Romania. Can someone help me with the essays correction. I want to improve my writing skills. Thank you very much!

Hi Sergiu…I can help you for correction;but i don’t know about your english level.Hopefully;this will not be a problem.

I am looking forward your essay:)

I learnt english when i was in highschool’s prep class that was organised by 2 experienced teacher for just 8 months!!! But i was so stubborn on learning english.As a result of this,at university i could get the chance to be an exchange student.Last year i was in the Netherlands.This helped me on improving my english speaking skills.My problems are generally in listening and formal writing.Personally,there is just one way for getting rid off them. To have experiences as much as possible!!!
Because learning a new language is smt which requires so much time and effort…the more effort you put on,the more you learn… And as long as we don’t give up,we are developing:)

What is your essay about??

Meanwhile;i am sooo tired at this moment that’s why i went to my uncle’ farm with my family.During the day i walked around and picked vegetables,played games with my cousins… In our traditions;family relations are soo important.Is it given to much importance on that in your culture?

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what should i reply?

Hi Ozge!
I now your country a little bit because we Romania and Turkey had old relation trough history and also because in the last 2 year I have been once a year in holiday in your country. I have visited old Greek and Roman sites like: Side, Aspendos, Libre, Efesus, Troy and Istanbul (Constantinopole).
I saw that in your country family and family relations are very important. In the summer evenings all family members gathered together to eat and talk. About my country related to family traditions: we have a so called traditional, old Romanian families “La Roumanie profonde” (in French - The classic Romania) who has survived in the rural and some urban areas (in fact the analysis must be made on historical regions of Romania also). This traditional Romanian is very attached with: religion, truthfulness, family and work. Opposite with this classic image of Romania (which has been attacked in the 40 years of communism) are the people of “New Romania” which only declares his appartenance to religion but in fact doesn’t believe in nothing, except money maybe. It is no really a statistical study of what I just said earlier but many scholars have made analysis of this 2 sides of Romania. I put myself in the traditional wing of Romania, and I mention that many intellectuals are fighting for the return of old qualities of Romanian people.

hi))) i’ll try to help you with your writing)))

it’s my version:
hi ozge! i know about your country a little bit because romania and turkey have a long history of relations. moreover, 2 last years i have visited your country during holidays. i have been in old greek and roman parts of turkey such as side, aspendos, libre,efesus,troy and istanbul.
i saw that family and relationships within a family are very important in your country. during summer evenings, all family members come together to eat and to talk. as to my country, on one hand, you can find old traditional romanian families - so called “la roumanie profonde” - mostly in rural areas but in some urban areas too. religion, family and work are the most important parts of their life. on the other hand, we also have people of “new romania” who declare themselves as religious but in fact, they don’t believe in anything except of money, perhaps. what i’ve just said is not really a scientific material, but it’s a conclusion from many different studies made by scientists. i consider myself to be among those who believe in traditional romanian family values and i’m glad that many romanian intellectuals try hard to bring back our cultural family values and traditions."

Thank you very much for your post Lafleur.
Je veux te remercier beaucoup pour ton patience et ton aide.
I think I use in writting my mother language grammar and syntax and not English language. Can you provide me some feed-back? Thank you again :slight_smile:

hi! i know what you are talking about! although english is rather strict and somethere simple in construction, we all ( foreigners, i mean) have difficalties. we try to use the rules of our native languages. i think it’s an endless process. i still learn english through everyday communication with other people)))) so, i think we can help each other!:wink:

Hi Sergiu!!
I hope you are doing fine with your daily stuff to do.I was kind a busy thats why i couldn’t answer your comments.You wrote that you have been in Turkey.You had visited important historical places.Troy is the most interesting sightseeing for me in that part of Turkey which is called “agean”.While i was in Troy,i felt as if i was in a film studio.As long as our tour guide told the history,i was getting excited.I guess you have nice memories which belong to your trip:) Visiting Turkey must be in everyone’s to do list.It is an amazing country between Europe and Asia.As Romania does;Turkey has 2 basic life trends(traditional vs new) which each one has different subgroups.Personally,this situation grows out of global changes in culture and economy.I can’t categorise my lifetrend since i am being fed up with both of them.On the other hand;categorising causes social problems and creates conflicts among people.From this frame of idea;it is peaceful and without any prejudice however I am at a loss to take sides. :slight_smile:

Hi Ozge!
Everything goes well especially because I am in holyday. Turkey, for me means a region with old history. Famous civilizations like those of Hittites, Ionian Greeks, Hellenistic Kingdoms, The Romans and Byzantine Empire, inhabited the space of today Turkey.
For me, Ephesus (Efes in Turkey) is my preferred tourist attraction in Turkey, because of well preserved ancient relics. Among well preserved ruins I should name: The roman Library of Celsius, The Gate of Augustus, The Theatre (supposed to be the largest outdoor theatre in ancient world), and also the well preserved houses which date back from more that 2.000 years ago (the old villas are protected by a dome constructed in the last years of 20th century with money donated by Austrian Banks). The most important thing regarding Ephesus is that only of 15% of the area covered by the ancient city has been excavated.
Regarding your mentioned life trends I should say that it is very important to preserve national specifics regarding culture and civilizations. I live in the historical part of Romania called Transylvania which is renamed for his cultural, religious, linguistic and different population that inhabited and inhabit this area.
The Romanians have been intrinsic related with ethnic minorities such as: Hungarians, Polish, Germans, Russians and Jews. The diversity has fuelled and fuels the growth. I don’t say that we should not modernize our societies but we have take care at which cost is made. Modernisation should be made with sage, wisdom. The power comes from diversity and we should respect each other no matter what difference of sex, religion, beliefs, colour etc. I would not like to live in world depicted only in black and white. Bye Bye :slight_smile:

Hittites were ancient people who inhabited Anatolia and northern Syria about 2000 to 1200 BC
Their language has been deciphered by a Polish archaeologist from cuneiform inscriptions.

Hy! :smiley:
Please tell us about you and your country.
Thank you!

hi Laflor,
i think you are right! cuz of chinese is toally different with english. the constructioin is really different. its an endless job. now we use english everyday. we will do it! =))
we can make it! =))

Hi Sergiu, Özge & Laflor,
I enjoyed your communication! It sounds me really nice, I’m Esin from Kosovo, I know many things about Turkey, because I’m Turkish too, I belong to Turkish minority living in newborn state Kosovo.

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May I ask your help too?

I need some help for improvement of my paper’s english.

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