Need GMAT related e-book urgently


Im Jenn from India. I require an immediate set of material relating to GMAT asap. Also could you give me a list of colleges and advise on the same about where I can apply using the GMAT score in general. I could use with a first-hand information. Can someone help…thankyou :slight_smile:

Hi Jenn,

Are you looking out for some software for gmat?



can you send me GMAT official 11th by email ?



I need soft copy of GMAT material asap. Could someone please help?


Hey you all can log on to

Hi Friends,

This is good idea I don’t know about it befor.

Hi all

Thanks I will check it.


I am planning to appear for GMAT & presently I am in US. Let me know what is the min score required in GMAT to get into a school. How to start with it…please help me out with the required things to appear for GMAT

As far as I know, there is no min score. It’s school-to-school requirement, you should be able to check out at your expected school’s website!

I’m also going to take the GMAT test at the beginning of Dec, my target score is 650 and the writing would be 4.5! :slight_smile:

Hello Friends,
I have GMAT Offical 10 , 11, 12 edition E Book .

Drop me a mail at . i will send you the E Book

I only know it should be at least 700 and above for INSEAD…