Natalie from Australia


Hello, nice to meet you Natalie ) when someone speaks about Australia I think about my favourite actress Nicole Mary Kidman, I understood everything from your audio, thank you for sharing )) If you ll have skype meetings with groups of learners please write the date and price I want to join )


Efficient time is my choice.


So nice to e-meet you Igor! And I am so glad that you were able to understand me. I have a lot of non native English speakers tell me that they find Australians difficult to understand; their preference seems to be listening to American native English speakers. I guess that’s a sign of the increased exposure of American culture in our lives all around the world. What do you love most about learning languages?


Hi Dina, great to e-meet you too! Am glad that you found me easy to understand. And yes! Nicole Kidman is also a favourite Australian actress of mine too! I also like Cate Blanchett - she is extremely talented. I think that many Australian actors/actresses start out on stage in theatre so they have a certain skill that is powerful. Geoffrey Rush is another great actor. How do you find you learn language best?


Hi Catherine, it sure is great to be part of this forum! Thanks for listening and reaching out. I do love listening to languages and watching the way in which people express themselves in different ways - the little cultural nuisances that are linked to language fascinate me! I do find it difficult though - maybe it’s because my cognitive ability is not aligned with the proficiency in my second language - not even close. What challenges do you face?


Hello Natalie, I’m pleased to meet you. Thank you very much for sharing your recording with us because it’s pleasant to listen to and helps us understand native speakers. I hope you will continue recording audio messages.


Great! Well captured! :blush:


Hi Natalia, thanks for the feedback. I do believe that it’s always great to listen to native speakers, especially from different parts of the world. I work closely with native speakers of English from the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand and I, as a native speaker from Australia learn so much about the idiomatic expressions that are reflective of different cultures which broadens my understanding of the language. Language is so fascinating. I hope to upload more audio files soon. Xx


This is so fascinating. It’s also sad to hear of languages that are being lost… the links between language and culture are fascinating!


Efficient is the obvious choice, as Torsten states, the repetition of useful and use is redundant. There are often clues within the context of the sentence that helps with the best choice of words in questions like this where you need to decide which word is best.



Yes, I do.
I understood very well what Natalie said if it is possible to make conversations with people who speak clear like her will be very helpful for my improvement.


Hi Natalie, I wish to speaking English perfectly.
Thank you for putting you experience.
I know I have mistake in grammar in writing but hopefully every one understand what I mean and correct.