My voice message to the forum.


Emir, that was an excellent first recording. I’m sure that in just listening to yourself speaking highlights any problems that you have, and you are now able to concentrate on what you feel is lacking.

Personally I thought you did very well. Far, far better than I could speak another language. Your accent is most pleasant, and you come across as a very dedicated student.

Thank you for taking the time to make your recording, and for being brave enough to post it. If many more students were prepared to do the same as you have, then I’m sure that their progress would surprise everyone, themselves included. Please use the recorder as often as you wish, and please continue to post your recording, even if it is only reading a text from a book or magazine.

Regards, Kitosdad.

My dearest friend Kitosdat

let me admit that I didn’t expect such a constructive message as a response to my poor one.

Good morning Emir. Your second recording was even better than your first effort. You are obviously an educated man, as is evident from the composition of your recording.
Please continue to record and post your thoughts, because fluency will develop as you continue to relax whilst using the recorder.

Hesitancy is only to be expected in these early messages, but the fluency will improve, especially if you are recounting day to day events as opposed to reading from a book or magazine. If you were to speak as though you were talking to a friend on the phone, then you will relax even more, and the fluency will improve.

It’s good to have you as a friend.

Regards, Kitosdad.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Hello Emir, it’s so nice to hear from you again. Rest assured that I do not compliment people without just cause, but when someone like yourself comes across so well in speaking a foreign language, then the compliment is well deserved.


Well done Emir,
I am myself surprised that you have such a good accent. I may take one year before I can speak with an almost English native speaker accent like yours, yet I have been studying English for more than 3 years now.

Gab, if you were to post a Voice Recording then perhaps we could be of some help to you.


Hello, My Dearest Friend

Emir, I’ve had a thought which may help you in your quest to improve your fluency. Perhaps if you were to learn a short poem in English, then you could constantly repeat this to yourself during your spare moments at your work. As you become more familiar with the poem you will be able to say it quicker, and thereby your fluency should improve.

Let me give you a little " tongue twister " to help you on your way. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

She sells sea-shells by the sea-shore,
The shells that she sells, are sea-shore shells.

After a week or so your pronunciation of ALL English words should be perfect, along with your fluency. Good luck Emir my friend.

:cry: I cannot pronounce the 2 sentences correctly. I speak a Malagasy dialect in which the letter s is pronounced sh and the double consonnant sh does not exist.
Anyway, I am going to repeat it all day long and even during a whole month, and we will see the outcome!

A message for Gab.

Hello My dearest friend Kitosdat,

You have made so many things for us, sometimes I ask myself that do I deserve such things.


I have tried to say those sentences but as you guess easily I have failed. But I try and try again.

Thanks again.

best regards
Your friend Emir

Hello Emir, I know, it isn’t so easy is it. By the way, as you asked recently, my name isn’t Kitosdad, it’s Bill.

I hope that you are keeping well, and that your job is going along smoothly. I’d think that your confidence in speaking English at work would have been given a boost by now.

I’m leaving now to go to a birthday party, but I’ll speak to you again soon.

Bill. aka. Kitosdad.