My transcription attempt [British English] help me, please?

Hey! Could you help me by analyzing and perhaps correcting my “transcription attempt”. I’m training in spoken conversation assimilation, and I took a dynamic interview as an example.

I was able to contextualize and assimilate a lot things from this video, but in some parts I just wanted to be sure about some phrases or words that seemly didn’t “fit”. I highlighted them below:

starting at 00:36 - [Ozzy] - Look, I sure I am.

00:39 - [Ozzy] - (???) [He spoke very softly here, I didn’t understand anything :shushing_face:]

00:59 - [Ozzy] - Get skins? (???) [I tried to guess what he said here, because I can’t really identify or contextualize what word(s) he said here :thinking:]

01:04 - [Ozzy] - But it wasn’t it was a… sheer accident actually, cuz… I get I love…

01:23 - [Ozzy] - Oh, I was just about to explain it, I guess. Ahn, what happened actually was I got a lot of weird people at my concerts, like, you know, it’s kind of… Rock ‘N’ Roll (???). And… somebody threw a bat on stage and I thought it was one of these toy bats. So I picked it up bite the things head up and suddenly everybody’s freaking out cuz it’s was a real bat, cuz like… on the stage set, like, the bat goes asleep when the lights come on.

02:40 - [Ozzy] - Well, I was kind of peckish when had the CBS con-con-conv-convention. It’s iced tea is great. Excuse me.
[David] - Certainly, sir.
[Ozzy] - And… It was a pigeon there, so they thought “Well… Look Ozzy, bite the pigeon.” I mean, the pigeon (???) choice.
[Ozzy] - Isn’t that all I could say about it? [I tried to guess what he said again.] (03:17)

03:33 - [Ozzy] - But, you see, the thing is… Colonel Saunders: how many chickens are he but to death? I didn’t bite the heads up but everybody else did?!

03:56 - [Ozzy] - We had one guy from this concerts… I mean you can imagine these guys: “I’m coming to the Ozzy Osbourne’s concert!”, because he has actually hair on his shoulders. And it’s true goes to one of my concerts with a noxious in the show and… it’s kinda weird, you know.

Ta! :blush:


Hi Louris, welcome to our forum and many thanks for posting your transcript. Please tell us more about your training in spoken conversation assimilation. How exactly does it work and what is it good for? As for your questions, let’s if @Andrea, @Alan or @Anglophile can help. I will take a closer listen at it tomorrow too. Regards, Torsten


Hi, Torsten! Thanks for the welcome!

Well… I don’t know if I described anything with some wrong word, but at first I just watched American videos to enable my ears to recognize the sound of words, and I’ve been at it for at least 8 months. I like a lot of British artists, but whenever I take a video to watch, I can rarely understand what they were saying, because it gives me the impression that the accent sounds “closed” (I don’t know if I described it the right way, but I think you can understand it. The thing is: the accents look quite differents to me, and for the moment I still can’t quite recognize British speech. For now…:wink:).

I appreciate the talk show-style interactions because they are dynamic. Although the subjects at hand are silly, they are the best to exercise my conversation. I think this goes for personal taste too.

I hope answered your questions.
Once again, thank you very much for the feedback. I hope someone be willing to help me. I’m waiting! And I hope to exercise my ears every day more.:ear:


Hi Louris, thank you very much for sharing your situation with me. I find it fascinating that you have been investing so much time and energy working on your listening comprehension. Have you tried using audio materials that come with a transcript? The challenge with the video you have posted is that Ossy has a very strong Brummie dialect which is difficult to decipher even for British people. In addition the sound quality of your video is very low. So, how about using some other materials such as this: Plutes gonna plute -- How billionaires are killing the American Dream


Hi Torsten,

I am surprised that you say the long haired character being interviewed speaks with a ‘Brummie’ accent. I would have said it was more of a mumbled Estuary accent.



It’s my pleasure. Since I joined this forum, I have already realized that it is a cozy place. :wink:

My native language is Portuguese, so learning how to make sound recognitions of the English language and distinguishing their differences naturally takes some time…
Thanks for the recommendation. Yes. I usually use modern study materials. I also watch movies and documentaries accompanying the audio and the subtitles in English, and try to do transcripts on my own. I know that each region of each country has its own dialect, and in England this seems even more diverse, or maybe I am still very new to understanding it. I would very much like to understand the particular Birmingham dialect (or “Estuary” kkkk or whatever). There are no speakers here in the forum? It’s just a few minutes of the video I’d like to understand. I tried to contextualize Ozzy’s speech, I think any native or fluent English speaker can contextualize a lot better than I did (even though the audio is poor in quality, I know of this…), and that can add to my learning if I practice following the transcript and the audio, as I have been doing.

My motivation for learning English was for someday being able to understand all the (old) interviews that I see (and I like) on YouTube without having to bother other people asking “what was said in the interviews?”, as I am probably doing now… Of course many other reasons are included! But my primary motivation was this. I made considerable progress during my practice, and I have been patient in this process. It doesn’t work for me trying to learn a language by viewing content from people I don’t know who they are or I don’t understand their subjects. I prefer not to explain much about my personal conditions. I seek more informal things, you know…

I hope not to disturb anyone. I’m in a learning process, and support is a very commendable thing to have. Very thankful! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Natalia_Polteva, I’d appreciate hearing from you…
I noticed that you are liking all our posts, so… A little help here would be possible? :pray:

Reminding everyone that I’m not forcing anyone to like Ozzy… right? :smile:


For starters, I would like to point out that using the verb ‘to like’ in the progressive form is a novelty for me. I’ve heard it a number of times in US TV series so apparently it’s now correct English? As for my liking all your posts, I like building a community and I know that more than 95% of all forum users never make one single post. The vast majority of them only reads posts but never create one. So by liking every post I express my gratidude to everyone person who makes the effort of posting something because it requires time and effort. As for your question, sure I want to help you, I just don’t how exactly since I have a hard time understanding Ozzy too. If @Alan who doesn’t understand Ozzy, I don’t see how I can. But why does it have to be this particular video? Why not transcribe something else?


Hi Natalia,

I don’t think I said I didn’t understand Ozzie. I simply pointed out that it wasn’t a Birmingham accent and was just a typical so-called Estuary accent, both of which are intelligible to me.


Thank you, Natalia, for speaking up. :blush:

I’ve been rethinking the meaning of some of my previous attempts, so I want to share them with you to see if what I “got” this time with my ears might start to make more sense:

02:07 - Well, I’ve began sense some pretty rough chicken on the road, you know…

03:56 - We had one guy from this concerts… I mean you can imagine these guys: “I’m coming to the Ozzy Osbourne’s concert!”, and we goes a noxious behavior in the shows and… And it’s true. Goes to a many of my concerts with a noxious behavior in the shows and… It’s kinda weird, you know…

It’s about contextualization that I want to talk about, you know? I tried to guess a lot of words, but I’m not sure that the “elapsed time” of his speech “matches” with all those words that I tried to transcribe. In the context from the video conversation, which words would best match these phrases? That is the question I would like to take with people fluent in English.
As for the other attempts posted, I remain in doubt. I accept attempts at help.

Thank you!

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