My thoughts about this Forum.

When I first started browsing the Internet in search of a good educational site, I found very many who offered vastly different formats and levels of helping those who desperately sought further knowledge of the English language.

The better ones were indeed good, but so very dry, and without any semblance of human participation. The forums were also very limited, and without any trace of humour whatsoever.

Then I found this site, “our site.” The range of threads and topics far outranked any other site.
Here I found a haven in the maelstrom of hundreds of other sites, all vying for their own places to establish themselves.

ESL-test net reigned supreme amid the many others simply masquerading as active sites.

Here we enjoy a huge active membership, with an interactive role being played out almost every minute of the day. Our members come from all parts of the world, yet they are usually able to find answers to their problems in a very short space of time.
There is a vast array of archived material for them to refer to day or night, and usually someone is available to answer any difficult questions that they might have.

Many other sites are now upgrading their facilities in the vain hope of attracting the membership they sadly lack, but I’m afraid they are in a losing battle.
We will continue to forge ahead using all of the innovative technology on the market.

If you are a new member here, then I bid you a very warm WELCOME. If you are a long established member are you as happy as I am to have found this gem of a site?


Hi Kitos,

I’m a new member here.
I love so much your words, and I’d like to praise you for your topic.
My English, in all aspects is not good “yet”! I’m aware that I have a long journey to walk becoming fluent in English.
I’m taking class with a teacher by Skype, and step-by-step, day-by-day, I’m feeling, I’ll enhance it, God willing! It’s something when you feel “Inner peace”. It’s really good.

I’m very happy to taking part in this community, I’d like to make a lot of friends here, English bring us more close together, It’s really fantastic when you begin talking to another person, get to know each other, and of course your culture, habits that are specifically from your country, it’s amazing!

I’m sorry for my grammar mistakes, and I’d appreciate any kind of help, and correction about my English.

God bless you.
Marcelo, from Brazil

Hi Kitos,

I’m a new member here.
I love your ENGLISH words, and I’d like to praise you for RAISING THIS topic.
My English, in all aspects is not good, AT LEAST NOT “yet”!
I’m aware that I have a long journey to TRAVEL BEFORE MY becoming fluent in English.
I’m taking ENGLISH classES with a teacher ON Skype, and step-by-step, day-by-day, I’m feeling, I’m enhancING it, God willing! It’s something when you feel “Inner peace”. It’s really good.

I’m very happy to BE taking part in this community. I’d like to make a lot of friends here. English bring us closeR together. It’s really fantastic when you begin talking to another person, getTING to know each other, and of course your culture AND habits that are specific TO your country, it’s amazing!

I’m sorry for my grammar mistakes, and I’d appreciate any kind of help and correction YOU CAN GIVE IN REGARD TO my WRITING IN English.

God bless you.
Marcelo, from Brazil.

Good morning Marcelo. You already have quite a good level and understanding of English.
My suggestion is that you take every opportunity to read English newspaper rather than grammar books. Read aloud. This will increase both your fluency and confidence in using English. I wish you well.


i agree with mendens because i like this forum too, i’ve got a lot of advices for learning english, and i’ve also made some new friends here, thanks to kitos for giving us such a good topic~i’m a new here and i love it~

best regards

amber from China

Hello Kitos,

Good morning!
Many thanks for your thoughts and tips to improve both Speaking and Writing English Skills, to be honest, I’m not paying attention on grammar books, because I’m focusing on exclusively in listening native speakers on mp3 audios, or any site that offer this kind of opportunity for us, so I’m not confident enough in writing English as well as I’d like.
How you have already noticed, I’m have serious problems to use “prepositions” hehe

Many thanks again, you are marvelous!

Have a nice day.

Marcelo Mendes

Prepositions are very important Mendes. Take for example;

“Your essay is a little better.”

“Your essay is little better.”

Two completely different meanings. Yes, they are important. :slight_smile:


Thank you Kitos for you gentle and kind words. I had the very same feelings when I read them and I do believe that the new members will enjoy from their membership in this huge family of English learners, too. :slight_smile:

“i” is the 9th letter of English alphabet, WHILST “I” is a first person pronoun used to designate one’s self. Try to be careful in your writing because these minor errors could cause horrible results for you my friend. :slight_smile:


Hello, I want to write an essay but I don’t know where to put it in here, Can you help me?

Hi Nare,
Please go here and click on the button I have showed in the picture, put your essay then post it.

thank u very much:)

You are very welcome. :slight_smile:


Hi Kitos, Marcello, Amber, Mixmixi, Nare! I’m very happy to have found this site, as I think it will prove helpful for all of us. Actually I have never been a member of such a forum, where you can communicate with people of different nationalities, mentalities and intrests. Though we are different as chalk & cheese, still have something in common - our burning desire to progress and to become proficient in English. So I would like to express my BIG thanks to the creators of this site and to you Kitos for raising the curret topic.
Actually I can’t say I have difficulties with English, I read unadapted literature without problems, I am understood while speaking with foreigners, but still I can’t say I’m fluent. Despite I know all the necessary rules, many advanced level words, idioms, etc I feel I’m not accurate enough and there is a weird mixture of everything in my head. Besides sometimes it’s quite difficult for me to find exact words in oral communication and they come to my mind when it’s too late. Also I suspect that I misuse some lexical items, plus it’s often uncler which article sould be used.
To sum up my essay I will add that I’ll be glad to get some feedback from you! Hope all of us will get rid of our mistakes and improve our English in the near future! ENGLISH ROCKS!!!

Hello Bagheera301, Hello everybody in this topic!

Mixmixi you are also a nice person, thanks.

How have you been Bagheera301?

You are totally right, and I’m in line with you.
I’m learning many things here, and I hope this can be prolonged for a long time.
Who knows, one day I may reach your level of English hehe.
Best wishes for all of you.

Marcelo Mendes.

Peace be unto you, Bagheera!
I’m just curious what’ve kept in mind choosing your nickname. Do you like Rydyard Kipling’s book so much or is it just because all of you girls tend to be like she-cats?
Concerning Feedback: There’s really nothing to add to what Kitosdad said. it’s just too right! Site is awesome & very helpful for those who strive to be better.
You said: Despite what I knowI feel I’m not accurate enough and there is a weird mixture of everything in my head. That can be helped only by practice alone. Cause that’s the problem with the rest of us save for the native speakers. The more you study, the more you understand you know nothing yet :wink:

hi mixmixi~

thanks for your suggestion ,I will keep it in my mind^^

wish you luck~my friend~

Hi everbody,
When i was student i used to work in tourism area (sector). Then, i had a lot chance to speak English. But as you all know, if you dont continue to use it, your knowledge about language is decreasing. I need to improve my speaking and understanding etc… Please, could you tell me what to do to improve my English?

Khayyamm Sir,
i am very impress from pattern of forum. its the midium of geathring people from different location and creed and society where we can learn more p[owerfully through distinctive ideas and markeable subjects.

MY Ideas for forum,
keep more place for more practice chat with /interact with more people or Teachers and Students…
All faculty are fine but in dissuction with learning also invite student that way student doing more practical practice and knowledge through using language.
o.k. Thanks a lot.

Hi, Khayyam.
The answer to your question is evident - You need to work hard, motivate yourself somehow, try to fill in the gaps you have. I mean if you have some weak spots then they must be eliminated if the first place.
The more your work the quicker your progress will be.

Hi Friends! Welcome newcomers! How do you do Marcelo? Nice to hear from you Gheon!
Well Marcelo, thanks for compliments, though I don’y think I can be someone’s idol. In fact I think we are at the same level. It’s universally known that perfection has no limits and all of us should strive for perfection. I’m grateful that you’ve replied to my replics and it’s interesting to chat with you. So if you feel like discussing something - you are welcome!
Gheon! I have a lot of reasons for choosing such a nickname. First of all, Bagheera is just a nice word & I’ve got a habbit of having favourite words in Englisg, you know. Second I’m fond of cats, at the moment I have 6 cats at home (a cat & 5 kittens). They are fat, fluffy and cute, reminding teddy bears.Third I was born in the city, which’s symbol is a lion - a gorgeous and proud animal and you can’t help admiring it. (no connection with Bagheera but still a representative of cats family). And the last one, I do love Kipling’s “Jungle Book” -I’m fond of world’s classics. By the way, do you happen to know that Bagheera was a male in Kipling’s book? Anyway, thanks for advice & I tottaly agree that ‘such are the lessons of life; always full of new experiences, and yet one never knows enough’.

Minud9 and Gheon,

Thanks a lot for your support and advises. My problem is concentration. The more i study and practise the quicker i will devolope my English.