My second new IELTS two pie charts,please check and rat it,thank you!

The essay requirement is “the two pie charts show the types of communication used in 1962 and in 1982. Write a report to describe the information shown in the graph”.

The two pie charts illustrate the proportion changes in three types of communication used in 1962 and in 1982.

In 1962, letter as one of the communication types was used the most, accounting for the half of the whole pie. By contrast, as for other two types of communication, the percentage of using with phone was more than two times of that with computer (35% and 15% respectively).

As can be seen from the second pie chart, the proportion of three main types of cmmunication used has been changed obviously. There is merely 10% of people used letter to communicae with others in 1982, which cut down 5 times in this 20 years. However, the proportion of using phone and computer increased dramatically to 60% and 30% respectively.

Overall, from 1962 to 1982, the use of phone and computer both increased significantly. The use of phone has become more and more popular until 1982 while the use of letter has lost its important position. Similarly, the use of computer doubled to 30% in 1982.

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Hi Candy, first maybe you should mention that the pie charts look like they were drawn by 8 year olds :slight_smile: I think your report was not too bad, but you definitely had some problems. You communicated all of the data, but I think many of your sentences sounded odd or unnatural. Some of your sentences also seems misleading or seemed to imply additional information not included in the charts. Overall, I think I would rate this one a band 5.5