My SAT scores: Critical reading 630!

I’m a student from India. I am applying to the top liberal arts colleges in the US, like Carleton, Colgate, Macalaster etc. I just gave my SAT I on June 3rd. This is what i got :

Critical reading : 630
Math : 740
Writing : 580
( MCQ - 58/80)
(essay score - 8/12)
TOTAL : 1950

I’m pretty unhappy with my scores. I really messed up my essay and i’m confident of getting a 10 or an 11 with a little more practice in essay writing. I am also exceptionally strong at Math. I was surprised when i got 740! I was expecting 800!

I feel that I should give it again. I have seen many people who have given it twice but havent substantially improved their scores. In some cases the scores even fell the second time! I want a 2100+ but am I subjecting myself to unnecessary peril? is 1950 enough?

hi there!
i took the sat last october and got the following scores:-
crittical reading-630
i got a detailed score report from collegeboard saying that in 90% of the cases people who got 790 in math, would see their scores dip if they take the test again.
i got a pretty nasty critical reading section where there were some philosophical passages on the life of Martin Luther King(with all due respect to him).
i got admission in purdue and university of michigan, ann arbor in undergrad engg. in fact i am starting my classes in september this year at umich, ann arbor.
well, all the best for your future and write me back if you wanna share any experiences.