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Topic: Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.

After students enter the university, they have to study with a certain schedule of their school. Generally, they must finish five to seven subjects each semester and graduate after four years. This schedule can make them work under pressure most of their studying time, therefore they may not get enough essential knowledge. In my opinion, university should give optional classes for their students because it will be good for their study, time and grade.

First of all, when choosing classes by themselves, they will study effectively. Normally, they will choose the subjects they are interested in, and those subjects are necessary for their major. They will spend time to focus on those subjects in class; therefore, they can easily gain knowledge as much as possible. For example, in my university, I could choose my classes by myself, so I chose Maths because I like this subject. During the course, I took a lot of important knowledge about Maths and I feel that Maths will help me a lot in my major.

Secondly, optional classes can help students to arrange their time easily. They can make their schedule which is suitable for them; as a result, they can balance their time between studying and hanging out. This leads to the advantage that they do not need to work under pressure. For instance, in my own schedule, I only studied five mornings a week, so I use most of my afternoon to help my family and go out with my friends.

Finally, students may get high scores in the optional classes. They can choose the subjects they are sure that they will have high mark to improve their transcript. In some countries, transcript is very necessary for their careers when they graduated. These subjects not only help them get high scores but also give them integral knowledge. For example, my classmate always chooses the subjects which are easy to get mark A; thus, her transcript is higher than others in my class.

To sum up, I believe that optional classes help students a lot in the university, not only help them to get knowledge and high scores, but also give them a opportunity to arrange their time effectively.

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Hi, I am afraid you did not quite understand the essay question. They are asking whether college students should be required to attend their classes or not. Not whether they should be allowed to take elective courses. Personally, I don’t understand why college students would not attend classes, they are paying so much for the privilege, why stay at home and sleep in late? Even though you got the prompt wrong, I think your writing was quite good. Not too many grammatical errors and quite natural sounding sentences.

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After graduating the high school, many students think that going to universities should be optional for them. They want to spend their time for sleeping at home, hanging out with friends or earning money instead of going to classes. However, in my opinion, universities students should be required to attend classes because of the knowledge they will gain, the future they will have and the opportunities to take many useful activities.

First of all, students will receive a number of knowledge when they attend classes. They can study many integral knowledge and experiences about their major from books, their lecturers or their classmates. If they study at home by themselves or do not attend classes, they will lack a lot of interesting and important information which help them in their daily lives. For example, in the Law classes, my class was taught by professor along with handout; beside the knowledge in the book and handout, our professor conveyed his experiences in his own life. Therefore, we can gain more knowledge about real life which was not referred in the books.

Secondly, attending classes will help the future of the students. After they graduate, they can be received degrees in their own major along with their transcripts; as a result, the students may use them for finding good jobs and get high salaries. In contrast, it is very difficult to have a good job without university’s degree. An evidence example is my brother had a high degree of a famous university; thus, he can easily get a value position in a company.

Finally, the advantage of attending classes in the university will bring many opportunities for students. They will have a lot of extracurricular activities such as making a survey or research, playing sports or camping. These activities are very helpful for students, which connect them with the others and the professors. For instance, in my university, we have a number of activities like badminton festival or major’s meeting. We usually join these activities to gain experience and make friends with many people, especially sharing our own knowledge with the professors. These information are essential for us, which can not found in internet resources or books.

To sum up, I totally prefer go to classes in the university. Universities will provide a number of knowledge and crucial experiences; thus, the students can improve their abilities by attending classes effectively.