My new letters rate it please, thank you.

You have applied for a position in an international organization and you need to provide a reference letter. Write a letter to your former teacher asking him her to write it for you. Give your full details. Describe the job that you are going to do there. Say what it is important for you.

Dear Mr Hockins,
My name is Andrew Scott, you probably remember me, I had been your pupil for 5 years in high school you always praised me for creative thinking and you sad that I have a great future, now I am ready to have it.
Two weeks ago I was confirmed as an engineer of architecture department in international building company. I will supervising different projects from another architectures and designers , complete and rate it. There is much interesting work for my profile and I am ready to do all what I can to get this job. I can make great career with this corporation. I have dreamt about this job since graduate university. I prepared all necessary documents but they require reference letter not only from university but and from school too. I attitude for the people who very love their job and I am proud of my profession. The reason is that I am creator. Work in this company is a good start for young specialist, and I think that every graduating senior can only dreams about position in this corporation.
I would be grateful if you could write to me reference letter as soon as you can. Just phone me when you it will be ready, and I came to take it . My phone number is 89646574883
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Scott

Your friend recently had a new baby born and you have bought himher a present.
Write a letter and say
What is the present?
Why did you choose it?
Arrange a visit to pass on the present and see the baby.

Hi Mick!
Every one of our friends became crazy to think what to buy as a present for your baby-girl. Yesterday I especially went to a baby’s shop to choose something for your daughter. And I did not think too long.
As I remember , I have to be a godfather for your baby-girl and I have to bring something more important. (When she will 18, I will buy a car for her…Ha Ha Ha )So I have bought a baby carriage as a present. It is a brand new stuff, very good quality and convenient. It has three wheels, one middle bag and a small one ,for toys or maybe nutrition for baby. Moreover, as seller sad it suits for every seasons even for Russian winter.
Ok buddy, next week you will make big party for you baby, so I will be there and with pleasure congratulate your family one more time.
Best wishes,

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